My name is William Kihnley and I'm 32. I currently work at Metro Diner as a server in the morning and, I also work as a real estate agent in the afternoon on.  When Im not at work, I'm with Michelle either volunteering, out having fun, or helping her with school related activities. 

Mission + Vision

    My Daddy and I are working together as a team to help families in shelters get a break from their worries.


    We first got the idea when while volunteering for a charity in Southwest Florida at St. Matthews House.  While we were volunteering, we learned about the families that were staying there and how they didn't have much of anything except for each other.

   We wanted to do something special for the children, so we created Our Special Gift to raise money so that the families could go to a theme park and enjoy a few days of fun and relaxation.

A little about ourselves

    We started this charity for families that currently reside in shelters.  These families are going through hard stressful times and trying to get back on their feet. We want to help these families take a break from the hard times they are going through and have a few worry free days full of fun and excitement. 

    Therefore we will use the money we raise to fully pay for and send the families to a theme park of their choice for 2 or 3 days. 

My name is Michelle Kihnley and I'm 13.  I'm currently a middle school student and I work hard to get good grades.  I play the baritone saxophone in band class at school.  When I practice at home, I practice on the alto saxophone.  I live with my father as an only child.  I regularly volunteer at St. Matthew's House.  I know how to cook a few things and enjoy doing it.  I also enjoy watching shows such as The Flash.