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Welcome to Our Special Gift where your donations go towards our theme park fund, that helps families in need get a vacation from the stresses of life. You can help in 2 ways. Either by clicking one of the donate buttons below the picture or but purchasing one of our handmade key chains for $8.00, with both options 100% of the money goes to the charity. 



Each key chain is hand made to your specific liking. You can pick which colors you want and what word or name you would like on the key chain. You can also get it with just beads and no letters.

 Use the boxes below to type what colors and or word you would like on your key chain. 

 For multiple key chains use numbers to separate each key chain.

Example: In colors box type "1. Green Blue Red 2. Blue White Pink."

In Word Box Type "1. Dad 2. Tom."

Shipping is included in the cost of the key chain.


​Helping Childrens Dreams Come True 



Any Amount

Available Bead Colors

Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark, Red Light Red, Light Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Light Pink, Clear Dark Purple, Clear Light Blue, Clear Dark Pink, Clear Red, Clear